Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Where To Get Country Rustic & Primitive Home Decorating Ideas

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Where To Get Country Rustic & Primitive Home Decorating Ideas

If you are just starting to think about doing some Country Rustic & Primitive decorating yourself in your home or already have Country Rustic & Primitive Décor and seeking new ideas, where do you look? There are numerous avenues one can take in obtaining ideas. You can of course start by looking at the homes of friends and family members who already have Country Rustic & Primitive Home Décor. There are also a host of magazines and books available on the subject you can use. Depending on where you live, your local Historical Society may have pictures you can look at and possibly members who can help. You can also visit Historical Homes in your community to pick up ideas. You can even go to local furniture stores and see what they have that you can reproduce. All these are possibilities but have you ever given any thought to the movies?

One of my favorite methods of obtaining new decorating ideas is to watch Historical Dramas and other period specific movies. Most movie production companies try to make their sets as accurate as possible. They spend a pretty good chunk of change hiring experts just for this purpose. I’ve picked up hundreds of ideas simply by watching these types of movies. It helps if you can watch the movies on your computer so you can take a Screen Shot of items and rooms you find interesting. B&W movies are alright, but color movies are really much better for this purpose. You have to stay focused while your watching the movie, otherwise you will miss many of the details. That’s why being able to take a Screen Shot or Pause the movie is so helpful. One last thing, don’t forget to have a pad and pencil handy for your notes.

While watching, try to keep in mind the overall room setting. How items are placed in conjunction to everything in the room. Look for the little items or pieces used. These are often the elements that add those special final touches that really make the difference. Even things like the curtains being used. Most well lived in Country homes have accumulated a real assortment of odd and unique items over the years. It is just these touches that give the room that warm, welcoming, lived in look.

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