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Primitive Decorating... just what it is.

Often primitive decorating is thought of as part flea market finds, part shabby chic, part make-do. Our grandchildren, when they were real young, called it Early Caveman. Sometimes it involve antiques or yard sale finds. Other times you have to buy something new and forcefully age the pieces. As of late, primitive country decor has taken a bit of a new twist. Often called Upscale Country or Country Revisited. Primitive pieces are created new, then distressed to look old. For some reason many think this is a new thing when in reality it is decades old. You can find many great examples in our stores.

Because someone decided to put a fancy name of this process these types of items often are very expensive. The real fact is that many pieces you will find in stores are radically over priced. You see you really don't have to spend a lot of money at these specialty Primitive Decorating stores not as long as you've got time on your hands and a few basic items to work with.

Making Your Own Primitive Decor

There are two basic ways to start. One is to make your own pieces cheaply with primitive decorating you will need to invest the time into scouting out some classic older pieces at flea markets, second hand stores and auctions. The Second is to produce the piece completely from scratch. Build it yourself. Since for the vast majority of people, this simply is out of the question, we will focus on the first method which also happens to be the easiest.

Let me make this one very important statement to start with. What ever you create, you will be the one living with it. That being the case, make it look the way you want it to and like. Don’t worry about whether others may think. This is truly an art form and as such, your imagination, likes and dislikes are the only things that will matter.

Once you have the furniture or wood piece (and by the way, you don’t have to stick with just wood items either) at home you may like to repair wobbly legs, apply a faux finish, change the color, apply a little crackling mixture from your local home decorating store if you like, and so on. You are really only limited by your imagination. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Some of our best techniques came about by simply trying something new and different. Soon you'll have the down-home appeal that is 100% to your tastes and matching your current color schemes already present in your home.

We will be starting a series in the next couple of weeks on the “How To’s” of making your own pieces along with many tips and techniques we have developed over the decades.

A Quick Note On Decorating Country Primitive

There really isn’t any hard and fast rules in this area. It all begins with inspiration and learning, decorating with what you already have and a passion for decorating. Our home is very primitive (partly because it is just plain old). Mostly however because we made it look that way. Not over night either. It takes time and is often an on-going process. Inside, the furnishings and decorations are a mixture of many different time periods pre 1900.

I have a difficult time calling it Upscale Country or Country Revisited. To me it is just US. What we like. If you work at it, that’s what you will be able to say about your home when you are done.

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