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The Art Of Creating Country Rustic & Primitive Home Décor - How We Create Our Unique Items

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The Art Of Creating Country Rustic & Primitive Home Décor - How We Create Our Unique Items

Many of our customers are surprised about the amount of detail to authenticity our products exhibit. Hopefully this article will provide the reader and our customer with some details about how our unique products are created and hopefully answer some questions they may have as to why our products look so authentic.

As you are aware, DM Production and Sales specializes in creating Home Décor pieces that are reproductions of those originally made and produced centuries past. Creating a piece to look like it originally looked when it was first built isn’t difficult. Making it look like an authentic piece would actually look today is where the skill and craftsmanship comes in. It is much harder to accomplish this than most people think.

Besides the obvious research that must be done about any given piece produced, great care needs to be taken when selecting the wood one uses, the types of stains and finishes used, the glues and hardware used and many other factors. Care must be given to give the piece being produced the correct amount and type of simulated wear and use effect so it truly looks as old and used as it should look.

We start any project with research which tells us not only how the piece we are reproducing was originally made and the elements involved in its production. Then research must be done to determine how this items would actually look after 50, 100, 200 years of daily use. Once this is completed, we start with wood that is as close as possible in age to the original time period we are going to reproduce. We obtain much of our wood and lumber from historical preservation and restoration projects. This allows us the advantage of starting a project off on the right foot so to speak.

Once the actual physical construction of a piece is completed comes the difficult part. It’s not good enough to just slap some stain or other finish on the piece and call it good. We make many of our own stains and finishes. Often using century old formulas. This gives us an additional advantage when we begin to Age and Distress the piece. Knowing what type of finish to use and how much finish to use is also important as well as knowing where and when to carefully remove some of that finish to give the piece the proper aged look are techniques that we have developed over many years of trial and error.

Anyone can put dents and dings in a piece of wood. This doesn’t make it resemble what it should really resemble. This just makes it look banged up. Knowing where to place wear marks is important. They need to be in places that would have normally received more wear than other parts of the piece under normal daily use.

Another element that is often forgotten is the element of the weather. Pieces that would normally be used or located outside will have different and additional types of wear and weathering that wouldn’t normally be found on pieces that were usually kept indoors. For example, pieces that have been exposed to many years of weathering and no matter how well they are protected by finishes, will have tell-tail indicators of exposure such as cracks, splits and checks in the wood itself. Knowing where to put these aging elements take years of experience. These types of pieces will often show areas on them that have been sun-bleached (lighter areas that have been exposed to sunlight more than others. Add to this the normal daily wear from water (rain, ect.) and wind, dry heat, and humidity all must be taken into consideration.

Taking all these factors into consideration when we produce a piece is what makes our products special and unique. Providing our customers with items that they will cherish for many years.

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