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New Blog Feature Starting Feb 11, 2008

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New Blog Feature Starting Feb 11, 2008

There are thousands of internet stores to window shop in these days. The average person has such a wide selection of merchandise to purchase from that finding something of real quality can often be a problem. So many on line stores seem to carry the run of the mill mass produced material which the shopper can find in almost any Wal-mart these days. I guess this is fine for some people, but if you are looking for something really special. Something that is really unique. Something that doesn’t look like it just came off the ship from China. You can be in for a great deal of searching.

This doesn’t have to be the case however. There is a vast community on the internet that specializes in producing quality products that are not mass produced. The question for the shopper is “Where are they and how do I find them?” To help answer that question, we will be starting a weekly section in our blog which features various crafters who produce and sell handmade products. The name of this section is “Handmade Product Spotlight” We encourage you to visit those who also hand craft unique products with quality and value. You may also check out the “Hand Made Product Directory” to find that special item.

If you produce handmade products for sale and would like to be considered for inclusion in the “Handmade Crafters Spotlight” in our blog, please contact us at with the following information.

Your company (or your) name:

Your complete web address:

Your email address:

The types of products you produce:

A short bio or promo for you store (max 100 words):

We will be happy to review your store and products for possible inclusion. Because of the number of requests we get, we can not guarantee to Spotlight any particular store nor do we guarantee when it may be featured.

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