Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What Does It Mean To Live In A Home That Is Decorated In Country Rustic & Primitive Style?

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What Does It Mean To Live In A Home That Is Decorated In Country Rustic & Primitive Style?

I thought I would do something a little different in today’s blog. Instead of focusing on the elements of Country Rustic & Primitive decorating themselves today, I would give the reader something to think about in regards to their own home’s current decorating style. Even if your home isn’t decorated in a Country Style, you may want to consider it as you read further.

There seems to be considerable interest in the Country Look when it comes to home decorating trends today. Actually, there has been for the past several years. I’ve always wondered just how the concept of decorating any home in a Country style can really be called a new trend. Particularly when you really think about it and considering the history of our country and how most people lived for most of our country’s history, that is a rural background. I would say that it is really a very old trend. Of course I don’t think my great grandparents or my grand parents or even my parents probably every thought their farm houses were decorated in any form of Trend or fashion.

Let me ask the reader, how is your home decorated? Does it fit in with today’s Trend? Maybe I should really be asking, “What is the Home Decorating Trend Today?”. To a great degree it depends on what part of the country you live in and of course what the so called experts say it is. Now, I really wonder, do you really care?

I see a lot of people that are so wrapped up in keeping their home decorated in “Today’s Trend” that they never really enjoy their home. What really seems more important to me is, “Do you like the way your home is decorated?”. Now, like I mentioned, I come from a rural background and what I like is just that. What I Like. It may not be the readers choice but that doesn’t matter. They don’t have to live in my house, I do.

One thing that seems to be very consistent in homes decorated in a Country Style is that they always seem to be very comfortable. You have the impression the minute you walk in that you are welcome and you can relax and enjoy yourself. You know real people live there and enjoy life. My final question for the reader is “Is that how your home feels?”.

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