Friday, February 8, 2008

So You Want A Custom Piece Built!

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Can’t find what you are looking for? Seems hard to believe with all the various pieces of Country Rustic & Primitive Home Décor that are floating around these days that people actually have custom pieces made. The fact is that they do. Often the reason is that the customer wants to reproduce something that they had in their home when they were a child or possibly something from a picture found in an old family album. What ever the reason, more and more people are having custom pieces made.

I thought I would take a few minutes and offer some advise should the reader be considering having a custom piece produced. First of all, one of the best ways to save yourself some money is by doing your home work. Learn as much as possible about the piece you are planning on having built. If you have or can obtain a picture of what you want, even better yet. Any good craftsmen is going to do some home work themselves about the piece. This can become expensive. If you have all the information the craftsman needs already, you can save several hours of research costs. Another advantage of having your homework done is that it allows you to shop around for the best price.

The second thing is that you need to be realistic about the amount of time it takes to produce the piece. Rush jobs will cost you considerably more. The time necessary to produce any given piece is of course going to be determined to a great degree by the piece’s complexity and size. Time frames can run from as little as a couple of days for small simple pieces up to weeks for more elaborate or larger pieces.

Listen to the craftsman you choose. They will have many years of experience and are more than willing to give you recommendations about wood type, finishes, hardware and other aspects of the piece you are planning on having made. Don’t hesitate to offer suggestions but it is really important to consider the craftsman as an artist. Most of us are slightly on the temperamental side and are pretty set in our ways when it comes to our work. We encourage questions and suggestions. Just remember that we are not always going to agree with what you suggest. It’s just that we have been doing this for so many years that we have developed an instinct for building these types of items. We have also had the unfortunate experience of following the customer’s suggestions to the letter more than once, and again our better judgment, and having the customer dissatisfied at the outcome.

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