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Decorating With Country Primitive

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Decorating With Country Primitive
Make That Room Your Own Cozy Corner

All one has to do is spend about 30 minutes on the internet to see that there are many fantastic items available on the market you can use to create the perfect primitive themed room. What is really nice is that most of these items are inexpensive.

If you really want to get down to basics, primitive home décor is based on cottage and rustic themes. The idea behind all of these room styles is to give the room a simple, yet inviting and warm "lived-in" feeling. The following example should give the reader a better understanding of how you can achieve the primitive home look.

Simple Furniture - When selecting furniture for primitive home decor, you will want to stay with pieces such as benches, coffee tables, and end tables that are made of unfinished wood. Try to use plain wood furniture that has gouges, scratches, chips, and is worn in places, this is an excellent way to keep the room looking authentic.

Giving Your Walls That Rustic look - Primitive home decor coloring for your walls are usually in warm rustic shades of light to dark brown, golden yellows, bronze, reddish-brown and terracotta.

If you want to, you can add some interesting paint affect to your walls by using some faux painting by sponging or using rag rolling to create a stony or rippled look on the walls.

Don’t Forget Your Flooring - Floors can be wood, tiles or wall to wall carpeting. If you have wood you can paint it to create a worn look, tiles can be made to look like rocks or stones, and if you have carpet stick to the brown tones.

What About Your Upholstered Pieces? - As for the upholstery that you will use for your sofa and chairs in the room, an inexpensive tack is to create slip covers that are made from faded sheets or light blankets, with patterns of floral or nature designs. An interesting affect can be achieved by tea-staining sheets to give them a more rustic feel.

Remember To Use Wall Art – There is no end to the variation that can be used here. Some interesting wall art ideas that you can use to add to the primitive decor in your room includes paintings of country scenery, botanicals or animals, as well as family pictures that are done in detail.

Think about putting all of your pictures and paintings in tarnished or unfinished wood frames. Wood carvings, a quilt and animal antlers are also good wall art ideas.

Windows Don’t Have To Be A Problem - Usually windows do not require much attention. If privacy is an issue, use a plain beige roll shade to cover the window, and then add plain tweed, or wool curtains to add the authentic primitive touch.

Using Accessories – Some ideas of primitive décor accessories that you may wish to add to your living room could be plants that you can place in an old fashioned wheelbarrow, or in chipped unpainted pottery vases. Old fashioned farm tools, as well as an oil lamp for authenticity can also add some great emphasis to any room.

Just be creative. Your goal when it comes to your primitive decor, is to create a room that is friendly, inviting and fun for the whole family to enjoy.

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