Monday, March 3, 2008

Where To Find Hand Crafted Products On The Net

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Instead of our normal Monday’s Crafters Spotlight section this week, I thought that instead of focusing in on a single crafter I would tell the reader about a resource for finding crafters of all types. In times past, if you wanted something that had been Hand Crafted, you either had to know someone who produced that item or you could figure on spending hours searching the internet to find someone who did. This isn’t the case today. For the real discriminating buyer, the largest group of crafters of all kinds can be found at a place called Etsy ( Almost anything that can be Hand Crafted can be found there. There are thousands of crafters and their companies and hundreds of thousands of Hand Crafted products to be found there, including ourselves (some of our products are show below). Some who have shops on Etsy are selling their work as a part time endeavor while others are full time crafters and derive their living from their work. The best way to look at Etsy is to consider it like a very large shopping mall. A mall the size of the whole earth since you will find crafters on Etsy from around the world. Want something custom made? Don’t worry, many shop owners do custom work and do it very reasonably.

It is important to understand that Etsy is not an Auction web site. It isn’t anything like most Auction web sites. There is no bidding on a product. If you want to buy it, you simply pay for the item and it is yours. Just like you would in any large quality department store. The real difference is that you don’t have to walk around this mall and what you are buying will most likely be “One of a Kind” and of course, the item will be shipped to you. Let me also add that to the majority of shop owners, Customer Service is extremely important to them and they really treat their customers exceptionally well.

For Hand Crafted on line store owners here is a place you can gain some additional exposure at no cost. The Hand Made Directory The instructions for adding your store are at the bottom of the front page.

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