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Using Different Wood Grains, Shades and Colors In Country Decorating

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Does your decorating approach have to be all the same wood grains, shades and colors? It’s a simple question and it may seem like a ridiculous question but it does get asked from time to time. The answer however is far from simple. So much depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

If you’re looking to create a more formal look, you might want to keep your color scheme more closely related. If on the other hand you are looking for a more natural and authentic appearance, this isn’t going to be critical. I’ve been in many a real working Country Ranch and Farm house over the years and the one thing that just didn’t seem to be all that important was matching everything up. In decades and centuries past, being able to worry about such things wasn’t practical. Many if not most items were hand made and the type of wood or the items color was determined mostly by what material was available at the time. One just didn’t run down to your neighborhood lumber and hardware store like is done today. You used what you had in many instances and were thankful you had the material available. No matter what it happened to be.

When I was a youngster and growing up on the farm, we were fortunate to have a huge number of black walnut trees in one far corner of the farm. Because of this we had a great deal of walnut lumber for my folks to work with. Our neighbor on the other hand has easy access to oak and yet another to elm. We traded with each other but for the most part, we used what we had quickly available. Most household items were build or created when you couldn’t work outside for one reason or another so you built things pretty quickly. Functionality was usually more important than looks were to a great degree. Today we are lucky. We have the ability and availability of products to do almost anything we like when we are decorating.

One of the greatest advantages of decorating in a Country fashion, and particularly if you are striving for an authentic look, is that it is pretty difficult to really mess it up. The fact that so much of the Country style is directly connected to the persons own likes, dislikes and personality, who is to say what is right or wrong. As long as it works for you, that’s the key.

Another advantage of decorating in a Country style is that the normal process of accumulating more decorations and other items doesn’t normally create the problem of “Will this look right in this or that room?”. If the piece is of a Country, Rustic or Primitive nature, most likely it will fit right in without much difficulty. All three styles generally blend very well together.


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