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New Ways For Store Owners To Draw Customers

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It has been a few days since we have posted anything in our blog. The reason for this is a simple one. We have been undergoing some very significant growth lately in our overall business and needed to consolidate our efforts.

For those who don’t know, DM Production and Sales is a division of New Creations Consulting, LLC. We are a rather unusual business in that instead of turning crafting into a business, we incorporated crafting into our existing business.

Our business has several aspects. We initially started as a consulting business for Historical Property restorations but because of the number of requests we were receiving from our customers and their interior designers, we decided that we needed to branch out into creating Hand Crafted Country Rustic & Primitive Home Decor items. This was really a no-brainer for us since almost everyone in our office and shop was already heavily into woodworking or some other form of producing handmade and hand crafted items.

As a result of the requests from our customers and interior decorators who would ask us about where to get specific types hand crafted items that we didn't create, we started The Hand Made Directory which is an online Directory of people and stores that produce and sell Handmade & Hand Crafted products.

The purpose of the directory is two fold. First to help other producers and sellers of handmade and hand crafted products pull traffic to their online store, and second to help our customers from the other aspects of our business find products that they are looking for but products that we don’t produce. Our overall goal is to make the directory the largest directory of it’s type on line.

For those who have never been to The Hand Made Product Directory, you will find it different than most other directories you will find on line. The biggest difference is that the directory is completely human controlled. All submissions for a listing in the directory are reviewed by a real live human. You will not find automated listing submission forms either. Those requesting a Free listing submit their information by email. Why, you ask. Simple. Automated systems result in abuse and as a result a directory with a great deal of unrelated and irrelevant material in it.

One other difference is that the user isn’t manipulated into seeing only certain stores chosen by those controlling the directory. In no way will we manipulate the view to show them what we feel they should see. Unlike many other search engines and directories, we don’t think people are too stupid to know what they want. We feel this is not only fair to those who are doing the seeking but to those stores listed in the directory.

Every store listed in any given category has an equal opportunity to be visited by that potential customer. Even our search feature is simple. If you search for something, that search is going to show the searcher every page in the entire directory that contains the search words or term the searcher used. For those who want to have someone else make their decisions for them shouldn’t bother using The Hand Made Product Directory. We believe people who use our directory are very capable of making their own decisions.

I’ve pointed out some of the advantages of using The Hand Made Product Directory from a potential customers side, now let me tell you store owners who produce and sell handmade or hand crafted products why you should be listed in the directory. First, it’s FREE. Free is always good. I’ve listed the top 4 reasons below.

The Hand Made Directory has many Free ways to help a store draw customers to your store.

1 - They can obtain a Free Link to their store in the directory. There is even the ability to upgrade a listing for those who want to.

2 - If a store is having a sale, there is a section in the directory where they can place a Free Sales Ad. There are also many Free Sales Banners they can choose from to use in your Sale Announcement. Potential Customers who come to the directory are encouraged on every page of the directory to visit the "Now On Sale" page to see what sales are running in what stores.

3 – Store owners can have their Blog listed for Free on the Store Owners Blog page.

4 - There is a Store Owners Resource page with links to other helpful sites for promoting and maintaining your store.

We also have plans to add more features for both potential customers and store owners.

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Rocki's Rock 'n Beads said...

I'm so glad I found your blog (via Indie). I just signed up for the HMPD and will look into upgrading when I return from vacation.
Thanks so much for this fabulous info!
☼ Rocki