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Tips On Decorating With Country Rustic Pieces

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Tips On Decorating With Country Rustic Pieces

Country Rustic furniture is commonly made with pine and perhaps painted with hand-painted designs such as flowers, birds, animals, country scenery or leaves. At other times the wood is stained with natural oils and varnishes. When it comes to decorating, use ladder back chairs, benches, rocking chairs, or even wicker furniture. In the kitchen, a large rectangular table made of pine is a good option for your kitchen or dining room table. A little known fact is that until the era of mass production really took hold, the only way one would obtain a complete dinning room set like we are familiar with today, was to have it custom made. Many Country homes often had a miss match set of chairs that sat around the kitchen table.

Have a piece of furniture you want to give a Country Rustic look to? You can give your furniture a rustic look very quickly if you follow these steps. Brush a coat of paint on the furniture piece, then rub most of the paint off. After it dries, apply wood stain unevenly for an older weathered appearance. It will be perfect and rustic looking!

We use a more elaborate technique in our shop but for the average home owner, the above effect looks and feels very realistic. If you want to add an additional touch, take an old sock and put in a cup full of nuts, bolts, screws and washers. Take and give you piece a few hits with the filled sock in different places on the furniture piece. This will add a little more of a well used effect to the piece. Again, in our work shop, we use much more elaborate techniques that the average person isn’t usually willing or able to undertake.

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